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What is AWS Exactly?

Добавлено: 19 сен 2022, 18:50
Many businesses and people use the well-known cloud service platform AWS (Amazon Web Services) on a global scale.
AWS consists of a wide range of distinct cloud computing goods and services. Servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security are offered by Amazon’s wildly successful sector. AWS can be divided into three primary categories: S3, Amazon’s storage system; EC2, Amazon’s virtual machine service; and Glacier, a cost-effective cloud storage service. Because of its size and prominence in the computing industry, AWS has significantly surpassed its rivals.

The 81 availability zones that AWS uses for the placement of its servers. These serviced regions are segregated to provide consumers the option of setting regional restrictions on their services (if desired), as well as to increase security by spreading out the physical places where data is stored. AWS covers 245 nations and territories in total.

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